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About us

Danish Food Innovation is the official innovation network within the Danish food sector. We work to increase the growth in small and medium sized enterprises through new knowledge, new partners and internationalisation.

Danish Food Innovation is part of The Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s innovation programme and we have been allocated 12 million DKK to strengthen the most innovative SMEs within the food industry.

New knowledge is the fastest way to achieve growth – and this is where the future lies. Therefore, we aim to increase the use of research-based knowledge within the business sector so that small and medium sized enterprises can benefit from it.

Danish Food Innovation is a consolidation of three strong actors from the food sector: Danish Food Cluster, Agro Business Park and VIFU – Knowledge Centre for Food Innovation. Together we will help you develop innovative products for the future food industry by drawing on our comprehensive experience, strong skill sets and large networks.

To whom are our offers relevant to?

We address companies from the entire food value chain – from food manufacturers, small innovative companies and all the companies who work with ingredients, smart packaging, ICT, foodtech and health.

We work with six areas of focus

Danish Food Innovation has six different areas of focus, which are defined by the food sector itself (read more). It is within the following six areas of focus that we help small and medium sized companies strengthen their business and competitive position:

How do we do it?

Danish Food Innovation has a range of tools in order to help strengthen the small and medium sized companies. These are:

  • Matchmaking
  • Networking
  • Courses and competency development
  • New knowledge and events
  • Collaboration projects
  • Internationalisation

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