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Collaborative projects

The collaborative projects are a central and highly prioritized activity in Danish Food Innovation. The purpose of the collaborative projects is to identify and develop new technologies, new products and new business areas and companies. The collaborative projects will address company challenges within the six areas of focus and thus the themes of the collaborative projects will be settled in connection with the companies.

We will announce the collaborative projects as we come along.


Internationalisation is an incorporated and prioritised part of what we do in Danish Food Innovation. Danish Food Innovation aims to contribute to the internationalisation of the Danish food cluster in three ways:

  • Visibility activities

  • International collaboration projects

  • International delegations

Network & matchmaking

The focal point for Danish Food Innovation is knowledge transfer and collaboration between research and businesses within the food area. The innovation network will be in charge of establishing targeted matches between companies and different knowledge institutions. We will work towards bringing down the barriers that exist between the small and medium sized companies and knowledge institutions – barriers that makes it difficult for companies to find a knowledge partner. Our activities within this area will involve:

  • Targeted matchmaking

  • Subject specific networks

  • Making relevant knowledge from the universities available

New knowledge & events

A range of different activities and events, with focused themes, will provide small and medium sized companies with access to new knowledge and inspiration and at the same time set the scene for matchmaking and deeper collaboration nationally and internationally. This includes the following activities:

  • Company visits

  • Round tables

  • Masterclasses