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The future of food production
Food supply and food demand in the 2020’s

On October 21st 2020 you are invited to join the top conference “The Future of Food Production – Food Supply and Food Demand in the 2020s”, where inspiring experts will look into the crystal ball and inspire our business plans and strategies for the decade ahead.


Some of the keynotes:

  • Inés Sagrario, Competitiveness: What will food value chains look like in the 20s? Learning from the past and a glimpse of the future
  • Jesper Theilgaard, Meteorologist and international climate expert: Climate change and future food production
  • Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing David Hughes, Imperial College London: Food consumers in the new decade


The conference is for everybody with an interest in the future of food production. Sign up and get inspired by five keynote presentations and four insight interviews. During the lunchbreak and after the scheduled programme, you will have an excellent opportunity to meet, greet and network with the many other participants interested in The Future of Food Production.


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